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How to Stay Safe When Using Uber

How to Stay Safe When Using Uber

Uber safety

Uber is a ridesharing company that allows users to download an app, connect with a nearby driver and get a ride to their desired location. Since its introduction, Uber has become a popular alternative to taxi services for many college students in hundreds of big cities.

While many students rely on Uber for a ride, there are many others who have reported encountering impostor Uber drivers. There have also been reports of passengers being assaulted and harassed by their Uber drivers.This is partly because of the lack of proper background checks by the Uber company. Uber only reviews the last seven years of a driver’s driving records, looking specifically for fatal accidents and reckless driving charges. If there were instances of uninsured or unlicensed driving, driving under the influence, drug-related offenses and criminal history that occurred before seven years, those records are not reported.

How does one stay safe while taking an Uber ride? There are three basic ways to ensure one’s safety:

Verify the driver’s identity before you get in.

The Uber app provides riders with the driver’s first name, photo, license plate number, a picture of the vehicle and their driver’s rating. This information is intended to prevent riders from getting in a car with an impostor. Utilize this information to be sure that the driver picking you up is the Uber driver who accepted your ride request.

Stay in touch with friends and family.

If you are taking the ride alone, you should let a friend or family member know that you are on an Uber ride. In fact, the Uber app has a “share your ETA” feature that allows passengers to notify loved ones of their whereabouts in case of an emergency.

Make sure the Uber driver is driving safely.

Pay attention and be aware of your surroundings. If your Uber driver is driving dangerously, you should speak up. Ask him or her to slow down.

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