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Who Is Liable When An Uber Driver Causes An Accident?

Who Is Liable When An Uber Driver Causes An Accident?

Uber accident caused by driver

Ridesharing companies such as Uber are becoming increasingly popular. Thousands of people in big cities opt for an Uber ride instead of driving or taking a traditional taxi service when they need to commute. Although Uber is becoming the preferred way of getting around for many people, there have been several instances of Uber cars getting involved in serious accidents and their occupants, or the occupants in other vehicles, getting injured. Victims of Uber accidents are often unsure as to who will pay for the damages they have sustained.

Who is liable when an Uber driver causes an accident?

Uber requires all of its drivers to carry automobile liability insurance that conforms to state law. The company also has a secondary liability insurance policy to cover damages sustained by passengers or third parties in the event of an accident. However, Uber’s secondary liability policy doesn’t always cover drivers or provide help to those have been injured.

For example, if the driver had not yet picked up a passenger, Uber’s policy would not cover any damages caused by the driver. In the majority of cases where an Uber driver is involved in or responsible for an accident, it is the driver who is solely responsible for those damages.

Sometimes the driver’s individual insurance coverage can be voided because of a “driving for hire” provision contained in the policy. In such a situation, unless the driver has additional commercial insurance coverage, there may be no coverage available at all.

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